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Frequently Asked Questions

The U. S. Supreme Court requires that you register your work with the U. S. Copyright Office to enforce your rights if you are infringed!

Once you start a new project (even before it is published) is the best time to register. 

Why should writers be concerned about copyrights?
A copyright provides protection against illegal copying, theft or plagiarism of your work!  While owning a copyright is automatic under U. S. copyright law, in order to enforce your rights you must register your copyrights with the U. S. Copyright Office!

What is my benefit of copyright protection?
If you register within 3-months of publication or before publication and before any infringement occurs -- you gain your full copyrights and can claim up to $150,000 in statutory damages plus attorney fees for any infringement. A one-time fee protects your work for your life-time + 70 years!  Registration is available to both U. S. authors and international authors!

Does a copyright protect my work in other countries?

While no creative work is automatically protected worldwide, there are international treaties which provide protection automatically for all creative works as soon as they are fixed in a medium. There are two primary international copyright agreements, the Buenos Aires Convention and the Berne Convention.

Do 3rd party manuscript uploads protect my copyrights?
No. Many companies may offer a manuscript upload and a reference code with timestamp . However, to protect and enforce your copyrights from infringement in the U.S., you must register your work with the U. S. Copyright Office.

What is CopyrightsNow®?
CopyrightsNow is a break-through in mobile technology that saves time, money and frustration when registering your copyrights. 
 ​The only copyright registration app on Apple's AppStore for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Google Play for Android devices or for use on your Desktop PC with any web-browser:

How does it work?

Protect Your Creative Work in 3 Easy Steps:
1 - Complete a 5-minute questionnaire about your work*
2 - Pay U.S. government filing fee and upload (or mail-in) a copy of your work
3-  Receive your Copyright Certificate directly from the U.S. Copyright Office

* Just answer a few questions on CopyrightsNow. Your information is saved as you work, so you can always log-off and return later to complete your application. Then just click 'Submit' to start the registration process!

What is unique about CopyrightsNow®?
With many choices of copyright applications, CopyrightsNow uses artificial intelligence (A/I)  to guide you through the questions you need for your specific type of application... speeding-up the process and improving the user experience.  

What if I have a question?
We make it easy with real-time error checking and on-line help screens... so if you have a question, just click ? to get detailed help when you need it!   Or send an email and support specialists respond with answers (usually in 4-8 hours).

What happens after I submit my application?
Each application is reviewed by a specialist within 48 hours... and any questions or inconsistencies are communicated to you via e-mail! 

Once your review is complete,  your application is reformatted and electronically transferred  to the U. S. Copyright Office e-CO system.

​​For many applications with only one author and one copyright owner - you can typically finish your application in 5-10 minutes with a few clicks ... and for more complex applications with co-authors and other complexities, you can usually finish in under 20 minutes!

Who should use CopyrightsNow?
CopyrightsNow is designed for creative people applying for copyrights... so you don't need to be a copyright expert or publisher!   The App has extensive error and data consistency checks to help prevent bad or questionable data from being entered in the first place... this will speed-up processing!

Why can't I just use the government e-filing system?
You can... however, there is a learning curve and it may not compatible with many browsers and its not compatible with mobile devices.  At CopyrightsNow, there is an on-line help system - just click '?' to get instant context-sensitive help or send an email and support specialists respond with answers (usually in 4-8 hours).

Support from the U. S. Copyright Office may take days...(see statement on their contact form):
"Please use this form to contact us. Please allow up to five business days to receive an email response"

What are CopyrightsNow benefits over the government system?
The U. S. Copyright Office e-filing system has occasional outages which may cause delays, loss of data or reliability issues.  This statement was shown on the USCO homepage:
"The U.S. Copyright Office apologizes to the users of our electronic registration system for the recent system outage that lasted for nine days, from August 28 to September 5"

By using CopyrightsNow, you get 24/7 access and your data is automatically saved as you work... reducing frustration, missing data and delays which may later cause delays when your application gets vetted by a government employee (in several months).

What is a Copyright?
Copyright is a legal right created by countries that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights for its use and distribution. This protection is available to both published and unpublished works.

Is Help available if I need assistance?
The system provides 'context-sensitive' on-line Help -- so you get immediate answers to questions based on the specific screen you are on!   Just click ? to get detailed context-sensitive help.  If you need additional help, our customer support team is available via e-mail to answer questions.

Are your products/ services easy to use?
We focus on the user experience to make our systems easy to use, reliable and fast!  Our software systems are proven successful by thousands of self-published authors, editors and publishers... and has processed over 500,000 transactions!  Our business methods are unique and protected by U. S. Patent.

What types of material can be copyrighted?
·         Text
·         Photographs

·         Images
·         Charts
·         Figures
·         Advertisements
·         Speeches/Interviews

·         Software / Computer Programs
·         Art (2D and 3D)
·         Music
·         TV, Motion Pictures, Video & Film

Who is Digi-Rights?
We're a global technology and professional services firm -- serving publishers and authors worldwide!  Our technology group is the inventor and developer of CopyrightsNow, Digi-EXPress and many other software solutions used for Copyrights & Permissions by publishers, self-publishers, editors, agents and authors.

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